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eDialogue: August 18, 2017

Women’s Equality Day: Members Discuss Their Research

In recognition of Women’s Equality Day coming up on August 26, SPSP spoke with members Charlotte Tate and Matt Hammond, whose research focuses on gender.

Working “in the Wild:” An Interview with Korean Air’s Dante Dionne
Dante shares what it’s like working for Korean Air, the advantages and challenges of collecting data in a passenger airline environment, and his advice for others who want to work in a non-academic setting.
A Look at William Brady’s Research on Moral Contagion
William Brady, a 2016 winner of the Heritage Dissertation Award, describes his research on people’s expression of emotions in social networks on topics including gun control, same-sex marriage, and climate change.
Fasika Hailu Reflects on the Summer Undergrad Research Program
Fasika discusses her experience spending the summer working in a social-personality psychology lab as part of this year’s Summer Program for Undergraduate Research.
Resources for Applying to Graduate School
The Student Committee created a road map, decision tree, visual graphic, and application tracker to help students with the decision and process of applying to graduate school.
Apply or Nominate a Peer for a SAGE Young Scholar Award
These awards recognize outstanding young researchers and provide $5,000 to use for research, study, or conference travel. Apply now or nominate a peer by the September 15 application deadline.
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Community Updates
Member Spotlight: Michael Inzlicht
Michael is a Research Excellence Faculty Scholar at the University of Toronto. Michael’s most recent research focuses on underlying nature of self-control, including how it is driven by motivation. 
We Want to Share Your News
Share your news with the SPSP community, whether it’s professional (a new job, book, or award) or personal (a wedding, children, or the passing of a colleague).
Convention Updates
Submit an Undergraduate Poster
Attention, undergraduates: Submit a poster for #SPSP2018 before the portal closes on September 19! Your data does not have to be fully collected and analyzed to submit.
Apply for a Diversity Fund Undergraduate Registration Award
Undergraduate students and recent graduates from underrepresented groups are invited to apply for complimentary registration to #SPSP2018. Get your application in before the September 19 deadline.
Things to Do in Atlanta: Margaret Mitchell House
Visit the apartment where Margaret Mitchell (Peggy Marsh) penned Gone With the Wind. Get the dirt on Peggy’s personal notoriety, her life before and after the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and more.
Things to Do in Atlanta: Zoo Atlanta
Say hello to the pandas (only four zoos in the U.S. house them), visit large populations of gorillas and orangutans, and check out the new Treetop Trail aerial playground.
News Center
Community Bias Predicts Police Use of Lethal Force
The racial biases of Whites in a community predict how many African-Americans are killed by police in a given area, according to new research.
Arts Engagement Can Help Counter Divisions in Society
Engagement with the arts can help societies counter economic, cultural and political divisions, new research coordinated by psychologists at the University of Kent shows.
Tell Us About Your Research
If you’ve recently been in the news, have research you want to share with the media, or are interested in writing for our blog, please email SPSP’s Public & Media Relations Manager at the link above!
Upcoming Events
May - August 2017: 2017 ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social ResearchAnn Arbor, MI, & Other Cities
8/24 - 8/27/17: Science of Habits - Behavior Change Interventions for Health HabitsTwo Harbors, Catalina Island, California, USA
8/29 - 9/1/17: 18th European Conference on Developmental PsychologyUtrecht, The Netherlands
10/12 - 10/14/17: ARUPS Congress 2017, Bali, Indonesia
10/23 - 10/24/17: Creativity Conference, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
11/3 - 11/4/17: Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists (SSSP) Conference, Jacksonville, FL
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★ Tenure Track Social Psychology PositionSt. Olaf College
★ Assistant Professor of Organizational BehaviorBoston University
★ Assistant Professor of Psychology: Science of Well-BeingWake Forest University
★ Editor, Maritz Behavioral Science & InnovationMaritz
★ Psychology - CFS Professorial FacultyBrigham Young University
Additional Job Openings
Assistant Professor of Multicultural Psychology, Kennesaw State University
Assistant Professor in Social/Personality Psychology, California State University, East Bay
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Assistant Professor, Queen's University
Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Auckland
Assistant Professor in Child Development and Social Policy, University of Utah
Open Rank Endowed Chairs, Indiana University
Project Coordinator at the University of Oregon, University of Oregon
Implicit Bias Training Efficacy Assessor, Daylight Justice
Postdoctoral Fellow in Collective Intelligence, Geisinger Health System
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