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Stats/Data Analysis Resources

Tutorials, webinars, and links to sharpen your data skills.

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Multiracial Hands

Racism, Bias and Diversity Resources

Research, news, educational materials and more.

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Latest News

Americans protect their reputation by thinking about the future, shows new study

A good reputation is extremely valuable in social life, but people sometimes do things that harm their reputations.


The best of both worlds: The benefits of online and offline teaching

by Alison Jane Martingano, Ph.D.

With universities and colleges switching to online and hybrid formats, we review in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous teaching methods and which works best for lectures, seminars, and lab-based classes.


Character and Context Blog

Why Teens Today Have Become More Depressed

by Jean M. Twenge

The reason so many teens are depressed might be right there in their hands: the smartphone.


A Guilty Look? Overcoming First Impressions in the Courtroom

by Bastian Jaeger

When deciding whether a defendant is guilty, people are often swayed by their first impressions, and it is surprisingly difficult to overcome this bias.


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